“So what have you been into this semester?”

~ My Doctor

“Well I’ve been having issues, not with the amount of work but with the content of two of my classes.” I reply

“Oh what would those be?” 

“Let’s write papers about your family and war crimes.”

The response to me is an indicator of how great our relationship is compared to other doctors I’ve had.

“Oh great! Can we combine them and kill two birds with one stone?!”

Depression sucks a lot. Its not something you chose to have and if you’ve fallen into it before it can take a long time to admit you need treatment. I am sensitive to medication so to me the experience of treatment is something I have equated with chemical torture. 

But when you feel bad enough even that sounds better than what you’ve been thinking. 

So in I went. 

Down the rabbit hole I go to find the light at the end of the tunnel (no that is not a death metaphore).

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