My grandmother once told me:

You only hate about others what you hate about yourself.

It stuck with me.

I don’t mind that I’m clumsy, I’m never embarrassed when I trip while walking. I’ve seen other people do it. It’s really not something to turn all red over.

I’m not a day time sort of person and I’m calmer, and things are much clearer once the sun goes out for the day, walks seem better then too.

But if you force a fish out of water, they are bound to seem out of sorts every once in a while if not regularly.

But, I don’t really dislike anyone for much of anything. So I wonder why people are always staring at me like I’m a train wreck when I’m quite fine with how I am. I’ve had plenty of time to get used to me.

So I wonder if theres something about me they don’t so much like about them, and how much effort they waste trying to hide it.

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