Applied Crypto Highlights: Searchable Encryption with Ranked Results

Outsourced Bits


This is the second in a series of guest posts highlighting new research in applied cryptography. This post is written by Foteini Baldimtsi who is a postdoc at Boston University and Olya Ohrimenko who is a postdoc at Microsoft Research. Note that Olya is on the job market this year.

Modern cloud services let their users outsource data as well as request computations on it. Due to potentially sensitive content of users’ data and distrust in cloud services, it is natural for users to outsource their data encrypted. It is, however, important for the users to still be able to use cloud services for performing computations on the encrypted data. In this article we consider an important class of such computations: search over outsourced encrypted data. Searchable Encryption has attracted a lot of attention from research community and has been thoroughly described by Seny in previous blog posts.


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