Kinds of Continuity

Gödel's Lost Letter and P=NP


John Nash and Louis Nirenberg have jointly won the 2015 Abel Prize for their work on partial differential equations (PDEs). They did not write any joint papers, but Nirenberg evidently got Nash excited about David Hilbert’s 19th problem during Nash’s frequent visits to New York University’s Courant Institute in the mid-1950s. Nash in return stimulated Nirenberg by his verbal approach of barraging a problem with off-kilter ideas. The Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters recognized their ‘great influence on each other’ in its prize announcement.

Today we congratulate both men on their joint achievement.

Hilbert’s 19th problem asked whether all solutions to certain partial differential equations must be analytic functions—that is, expressible as power series on local neighborhoods. Enough progress had been made since the 1930s that the remaining task could be likened to building a short road bridge without central stanchions or much room below for support. If you…

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