Rebellion explained…


What many people do not remember when they hear the word “rebellion” is that rebellions do not spontaneously occur.

Rebellion doesn’t occur for its own sake and therefore isn’t something to be squashed by reason of existence. Rebellions occur because something exists that the rebelling parties do not agree with, cannot live with, or continue to live under its conditions. Rebellions are an attempt to impose an order, (not necessarily correct), on the given conditions.

The wish of the rebellious is not anarchy, even in the cases where the word is clearly expressed.

Even anarchy assumes an ordering; even if the rebelling parties don’t understand or wish this  to be the case.

A rebellion occurs after every avenue which was easier to accomplish the lifting of a condition has been denied. It is a clear statement of “we can’t continue in this way” followed immediately by “and we won’t”.


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