The Math Learner’s Checklist

Math with Bad Drawings

Bored with math lately?

Have you been doing math, but not sure you’re really learning it?

Fret and fume no longer! Below, you will find a definitive (read: not definitive) checklist. Simply think back to your latest mathematical experience, and check a box for each question to which you can answer yes. (Boxes not provided.)


  1. Did you recognize a strange pattern, or the beginnings of a pattern, or the lack of a pattern, and say to yourself, “Wait… what?!20150218082622_00002
  1. Did you find your jaw hanging open wider than a Warner Brothers cartoon?20150218082622_00003
  1. Did you feel a primal, animal thirst to understand whether (and why!) a certain pattern held true?20150218082622_00005
  1. Did you say aloud, “What in Gauss’s name is going on?20150218082622_00004

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